Thursday, December 20, 2012

He Who Seeks Beauty Will Find It

I'm currently home sick from school with a nasty cold. So my days have been spent with lots of Netflix (Breaking bad, How I met your mother, btw Pocahontas is up), tea and leggings, not much worthy of posting. However, on Tuesday in Art class we watched Bill Cunningham New York.
It's my new favorite movie.
It's about this man named Bill Cunningham who is a fashion photographer for the New York times. There's something very peculiar and endearing about him. He's just really adorable and he rides his bike everywhere even though he's currently in his 80's. He owns like one outfit too, and lived in this little box of an apartment. Food and money and relationships don't matter to him. Everyday he just goes out and takes photographs of clothing. It's beautiful. He has a beautiful life, and its really admirable.

They also interview a lot of people about him and they are all really amazing, they are so extravagant and funny and have really big personalities and ideas and there's a lot of really glamorous little old ladies that i just adore.

Really I just think he has the most beautiful view on the world and he's just so happy, how can you not want to be like him?
He's just so great.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Formal 12th grade

Story one : Formal was last night. And I posted that other dress, but that's not what I wore. I had tried to post about Black Friday from my phone but I realize it never posted. Which sucks because there were cute photos but whatever. Anyways, I tried on this Free People dress and it made me feel beautiful and lovely but it was 120 dollars. So I was like okay, I will get a different dress, so I got that other one which was nice and sparkly but I would've had to have worn spanx with it. And spanx were uncomfortable and didn't make me feel young and pretty. So then I had a night of depression because I am okay with my body usually but I just felt upset that my efforts with weight watchers and exercise weren't setting in as I would've liked. On Friday after school my mom called me while I was at Starbucks and asked me if I'd still like that dress because she had been checking back everyday to see if it had gone on sale and it had. My mother is the best. It was still 90 dollars, but my mom told me she wanted me to feel special. And that was just so nice. And as much as one day I hope I'll be able to wear a bandage dress care free, I was fine in my Free People purple dress feeling like a princess.

Black Friday lusting

Fake eyelashes (Katy Perry, Cool Kitty)


Freedom at last.

Story two : There was this cute boy, I don't know what school he goes to or how old he is or what his name was. But he was cute and he danced in a really cute way. At the end of the night my friend Ebonie dared me to tell him i thought he was attractive and took my phone away as an incentive. So I did it. 
"Hello... I think you are very attractive... and good at dancing, in a cute way... Cool, okay *thumbs up* "
Then I walked away and high fived ebonie and she gave me my phone back.
Sometimes I can be a bit of a bad-ass. 
Cool. Okay.

Then I went and got an egg nog shake and small fry and I went home and passed out.

Monday, November 19, 2012

I have a crush

I have a crush on Rihanna and her style and I like her new pixie haircut. She is perfect, i mean, she's not, but thats sort of what makes her perfect and I suspect she's pretty down to earth. I think it's cool how she does whatever the heck she wants music, lifestyle and clothing wise. Plus her accent is cute.
Also, on Ellen, she said her perfect date would be watching tv in bed and that she enjoys breaking amish. 

It's like we were made for each other.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

She will be loved

Happy Wednesday! Here's some Tumblr inspiration. And my dress came in the mail! I'll have pictures of that soon. Have a lovely week.

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