Saturday, August 31, 2013


I like wearing my hair in bunz it makes me feel nice and cute and fun. Whoa, who do you think you are??? Miley Cyrus????
hahaha i wish.
wow, actually, i could go on a whole tangent about my love/hate relationship with Miley right now (have you heard Wrecking Ball? It's phenomenal... but have you heard twerk w/ justin bieber because no. but honestly i'll probably still listen to it on the treadmill.. and don't even get me started on the VMAs, i mean we'd had to converse about that i can't even express my thoughts via text)
wow, ok. no. but i do like wearing my hair in buns, which i have recently-ish started doing, along with wearing my hair in braids across my head.
There's something about updos that are just so lovely and romantic and nice. ok, but also sidenote, i have like a bit of hair as you can see in the photo below that is short???? like what happened to you, lil buddies? why are you this way???

I've literally taken so long figuring out this post that i was just like, wait didn't i already have a post named bunz? YES IT WAS THIS ONE LIKE TWO HOURS AGO.


what a cutie

Friday, August 30, 2013

Listening to the Jonas Brothers all day errday

Finished my first week of college!

I am taking 4 classes: Rhetoric writing (mandatory), drawing, psychology and women's studies.
I really like all of my teachers and i'm really excited to learn.

I'm still living at home, and commuting via trolley, so that's a change for me. But it makes me feel independent, I can go wherever I want.... Well, wherever is either by walking, bus or trolley. 

This post makes me so very happy.


Although I do hope to become famous for what I do not know, it's still good to be educated
I want to be as much like Emma Watson as I can 

Also made a very important realization this week.
I am cute, pretty, beautiful.
Other girls are as well. Their beauty does not make me any less pretty. Their beauty doesn't affect me. 
Of course I don't look like Cara Delevigne, but why should that mean I'm not pretty?
Nobody else's opinion of me matters as much as my own, and that is in any respect, not just appearance.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Comicon year 3!

So basically, workaholics, It's always sunny, Jason Ritter, Lizzy Caplan, meeting Ben Schwartz and Blake Anderson, stalking Karl, and a guy dressed like the main character of Warm Bodies.
I'm still not ok with my face in that photo with Ben Schwartz and yes I am aware there is a guy photobombing, but i don't care. 
Wow, I'm so bad at posting photos in a timely manner.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ya gurl is a scholar

Ahh yes, the sweet satisfaction of buying new school supplies. Having clean pages of notebooks, pens with full ink sockets, unscuffed shoes.

School is starting again.

But this year is a bit different for me, I'm transitioning from a child to a slightly less child, perhaps a young adult, one might say. Although I like to disconnect myself from the word adult, the whole young part makes it a little less harsh. 

I'm going to college.

And I'm excited. 

I think this is going to be a really big time for me, although isnt everything a really big time? I like to hope no matter what I am entering the most exciting, best time of my life. 

I hope to put more into my blog, and make it a nice space for myself. A personal space that I can also share with others. 

I've been feeling very fashion-ally inspired, probably based on the ridiculous amount of new clothes I've gathered and the excessive episodes of Pretty Little Liars I've viewed in the past 72 hours. (Netflix instaview will be the death of me, or more so my studying habits and sleeping schedule) 

I hope that I can enjoy this time, and stop being so scared, scared to be alone, and let myself enjoy the times with myself. Scared to speak up, and instead say what I want and when I want it in order to do what's best for me. Scared to fail, instead try and do what I want, and not let my anxieties hinder me.

So occasionally I may or may not post about college and how I feel and such. Hopefully it'll be somewhat interesting and perhaps helpful to fellow students or maybe just a general nice thing for myself.

But, in case this year takes me by storm, as last year did as well. Feel free to follow me on twitter, tumblr and instagram by the username @camxies. I update these a bit more frequently. 
(I now have both a personal and fashion based tumblr, because I totally needed another distraction)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We Danced All Night to the BEST SONG EVER

omg. i will never get over Harry Styles now.

Wow gotta save my money and get front row tickets next year i'm not about this they-look-like-ants-and-i-can't-tell-them-apart-from-back-here life. Especially because how are they supposed to fall in love with me when i'm way back there?

seriously. but lemme tell you, there was this girl, well okay, so where the concert is, is like the worst bc it's out of the way and it's close to tijuana so i think there were people coming from there for it, plus i mean, it's one direction so ppl go crazy. but anyways, we were twenty minutes away with two hours til the concert and we ended up missing the opening act (5sos) which was lame but whatever because the traffic was so bad plus after you got off the freeway you had to go down this long street to get to the amphitheater. anyways, so i get there and we are going to our section and there's this girl and she's on a stretcher! Like oh my gosh, it hasn't even started yet, like she was like sobbing and stuff and they were taking her to the ambulance, like i've never ever been to a concert with this many ambulances ready. and well, i hope she's okay and yeah, like they hadn't even come out yet, like calm down. like that's so sad if you didn't even get to see them, but also you were in the back, like i understand passing out in the pit, but like people weren't even touching in the back, haha.

anyways, they had an amaaaazing setlist, it was literally so good, and they sang Best Song Ever which was great because I love it, haha. They were so cute and funny but also I don't know if i've ever been to a san diego concert where they HAVEN'T mentioned freaking Anchorman.

Ok, also if the video isn't working, I don't know why it won't play but whatever, you can view it on my instagram, which is located on the sidebar or by searching @camxies

Ugh cute boys. Ugh boys with accents. Ugh boys who can sing. Ugh boys who are funny.