Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby, you're my rocky road, my mint chocolate chip and more

You know what color I'm absolutely in love with at the moment? 
This one. Mint green.

I love love love it. I want to paint my nails with it and ride a vespa the color of it and just eat candy the color of it.

I also decided I want my bike that i will one day own to be that color

Tomorrow I plan on wearing the skirt that I made, it's pretty exciting although I fear it'll fall apart even though that's highly unlikely. I'm excited because that means I get to start a new project soon. I'm hoping on making some jewelry or maybe some tshirts for my band. Haha.

Ps. Thanks for following me Pretty in the Desert :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I like maxi skirts they make me feel pretty

I have some impressive news. I, Camelia Stout, have constructed a skirt all by myself. Yeah, I know you're impressed.

Please ignore my face.
I bought the shirt at Kohl's a few years ago and the belt is from H&M. The skirt is floor length but I sewed on buttons and rolled it up on the sides. There's also two pockets on the front. I think it turned out pretty adorable.
So then I made my mother take a picture of me wearing it.
More to come soon.

Oh also enjoy this picture of my cat sleeping.


Friday, April 22, 2011


Last summer I went on a road trip with my  mother and our last stop took place in Las Vegas. It was well over 95 degrees. I am certain. I finally found my camera with the pictures from the trip on it, and I found these. I thought that the first one looked particularly pretty of my back, and in the second one you can see my awkward tan that cuts off at my wrist. 

This is a dress I'm particularly fond of, it makes me feel like i'm part of the 1950's and that i should ride a bike with a basket and a bell.
Other parts of my road trip..

This was in an adorable town called Solvang, we ate breakfast in a little restaurant called the Little Mermaid, it was delicious.

This was at Hearst Castle, it was more beautiful than words could ever say.

 This was part of the beautiful tiling in the pool house. The entire thing was covered in this, even the pool floor. 

Here's my cousin, Coley being a little fashionister. 

We drove from San Diego up to Oregon and down through idaho, utah and Las Vegas, back to San Diego. It was fun and we stopped in San Francisco and I saw the FIDM right by the beautiful large Macy's. 

I will post more tomorrow. Sweet dreamsies.

Whatever is Marvelous Today

This is a blog, well obviously, but it's going to be a fashion blog. Filled with inspiration, love, desires and marvelous things. I'm going to post pictures of outfits I see and outfits I wear. I'll carry my camera around with me wherever I go and the marvelous things I see I'll post so you can see them too.
This will be a way for me to mark what I like and don't, what I want, I want this to be a way for me to come out of my shell and be able to go out and find things I like. Perhaps you will like them too.
I will post again soon.