Friday, April 27, 2012

I would die for you on Skyway avenue

Hey there, lovelies, last Sunday my grandma, mother and I went to the LA book fair in... LA. haha, sorry, didn't prepare that sentence. Anyways, it was at USC, and it was pretty cool.

If you remember, when I went to Comicon, I bought a Mr. Toast sticker.

Robert Crais, my grandma loves him.
I got that bacon necklace from the Mr. Toast stand.

Have come up with some nice posts to send your way, I'm excited, less than a month til my birthday!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Insert trumpets and jazz music here

In my humanities class we read The Great Gatsby, and last week was our Gatsby party where we dressed up from the 20's. I've been so behind on the posting, so lazy lately and I've stocked up about 5 posts.
Anyways, this is my attempt at at a 20's outfit. I borrowed my Mom's dress, threw on a beaded jacket and some necklaces and my blue velvet loafers. Not to mention my feather hair clip, obviously I can't be a flapper without one. If only I had more era appropriate fringe.

Anyways, I hope your wednesday went lovely, will try and post from last weekend before this weekend.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Pink hair in Paris - day 4

Hey loves, this was my fourth day and it was insanely awesome. We went to this cute little farmer's market, although it was closing by the time we got there. And we went on a river boat, it was amazing and there were all these people out sitting by the river, tons and tons of people, singing and yelling and dancing. Then people got weird and started throwing bottles at the boat, it was frightening, but also cool. 
I'm wearing a blouse I bought in a shop in Paris, it's so lovely. 
This was the first day we really saw the Eiffel tower too.
Gah, so gorgeous. 

I'm cute.