Monday, April 29, 2013

Too cute for school

Absolutely in love with this new skirt I got for 10 dollars at dElia's. 
Excited that the weather is warming up for fun swingy skirts and short sleeved tops. You can't see in the pictures, but both the tops have cute detailing in the back.

This post is so cute, I am just in love with it, I love the colors of the photos. Yes. Okay, done being into myself.
But hey, at least I recognize that I'm cute. 

"Didn't have to run I knew it was love From a mile away But I still had to catch ya From running through my mind All day," - That girl, Justin Timberlake. I just can't get over this album, it's too good.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The 20/20 Experience

Spectacular album.

"Now we didn't have to fall But we fell in love To the bottom babe No one's there to catch us Like when you fell from heaven that day"

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What can I say, I love cats and I love chocolate

Obviously I have an ever growing infatuation with felines. I'm okay with it. They treat me much kinder than humans. My mother went to Coachella Weekend 1, I think I may have mentioned that, but anyways, she was kind of enough to bring me back some merch so that I wouldn't feel too sad about not going. Mainly I was just aching to see The Lumineers, and perhaps a little Passion Pit.

Godiva shake.... yes.



Pink hair in Paris - Fashion Stalking

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. ohmygosh.

It's only been five months. But hey, at least I got around to it.
Paris had amazing fashion, and I figured hey, I'm a tourist. Although I like to think that i semi blended in, at least when I kept my mouth shut. Although then I would smile at them on the metro and the illusion would be instantly shattered.
Anyways, it was kind of fun.... Okay, it was insanely awesomely crazy insane fabulously glamorously fun.
The kind of fun like, I want to do this for the rest of my life kind of fun.
Like I want to do this until I'm 90 years old, riding around on a vespa yelling at hoodlums while also taking pictures of fashion.

I never know if I should go for the subtle approach or the hey, yeah I'm taking a picture, deal with it. You have awesome style. Geez.

Also I saw a restaurant with my name! It was when I was on the metro and nobody else saw it.
It was real.

I swear.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I love James Franco way too much

This weekend my mother was at Coachella, so I spent some time alone, it was nice but I'll be glad once she's back.
I went out to eat with my grandma a few times and we went to lunch today at this new restaurant called The Haven.
I bought some dark lipstick, modern family nailpolish, that rad blue fake leather vest and a spiked headband.
I'm super happy right now.
And the MTV movie awards are on and Rebel Wilson is my hero and James Franco looks hot as usual.


PS. Buy me those shoes