Friday, December 27, 2013

Californian Christmas

This past weekend my mother and I ventured up to LA, this time bringing my grandmother along too. Christmastime is so nice and lovely, and everything has lights on it and is sparkly and it's great. So we went to Santa Monica, I thought that Georgian hotel was super cute. Then we visited the Grove, which is one of my personal favorite places. It was a great trip. Now, i'm in a post-Christmas haze, missing the comfort of the recently thrown away wrapping paper covering the floors, and cuddling up to my presents. I got a record player as seen above and I am super excited about it. I got everything I didn't even remember I wanted, and I feel grateful to have people who care so much about me. Now back to watching too much TV in an effort to relax to the max while I have time off from school. I wish you all happy holidays. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We will find a way through the dark

Today I had my last official class in which I completed my self portrait, as seen above. Tomorrow I have a presentation on women's reproductive rights in Argentina, and on Monday I will present my self portrait. But besides that, I am done. I am done with my first semester of college. I am extremely proud of my self portrait, it really progressed from when I started and it looks far better than anything I thought I could accomplish, at the same time I know its not perfect, but it was also my first attempt.Overall I'm really proud of myself in general. In life. I'm glad to be having a break, because I truly need it, but at the same time I'm bummed to switch classes because I like the ones I have so much. I'm also not interested in taking my general education, which is a problem. But I will do it. Because it's literally forced.

But I finally feel like I can sit down and breathe.
And get excited for Christmas. Finally.
Where's my Christmas tree?