Saturday, March 31, 2012

How old is your soul?

Hello Lovelies, I'm going to spread out the Paris posts, because they are big and a lot to take in. So here is going to be a post of the past week.
Also I really hate the new blogger interface, why do websites have to keep changing their design?! It bothers me.
Also I just agreed to do a guitar performance. Now i'm like freaking out. Gah.


So I got back on Monday night, and Tuesday my mother and I went to Balboa park to walk around, it was lovely.

On Wednesday we went out to lunch in La Jolla, we had plans to walk around the beach but since we had to be back in time to go to ballet, we sort of ran out of time for the actual beach, plus it was windy, and wind makes me unhappy.

Oh. Also I did something to my hair.

Yesterday my mum and I went to LA and saw the Hunger Games at the Arclight theater, we were hoping to get Kelly Clarkson tickets, but we ended up not, so we decided we wanted to go up anyways, and we like that theater.

Yesterday I had a girl come up to me and tell me that I had the cutest outfit on ever, and that it was totally rad. It made me really happy. We went to the Grove as well, and I got some lovely stuff from Forever21 and Pacsun. There were a few things I really wanted but didn't get. Atleast things fit! I think I lost a little weight in Paris. Eee!

I'm still a little jet laggy, but I think I broke it last night, hopefully. Last night I got super sick though, it was terrible and woke me up, so I ended up watching The Green Hornet on the couch at 3 am.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pink hair in Paris - day 1

Hello lovelies, I am indeed back, Paris was incredible. It's so unbelievable, I feel like if I say that I was in Paris out loud, people will look at me like I'm crazy. I'm super jet laggy right now, I got back Monday night. The travelling part is what was really the worst, because when we were travelling there, we got up 5 am, Tuesday and didn't sleep until 10 pm, Paris time on Wednesday. I also felt really awful the first day, my body hurt and I missed my mom so much. I also missed clean air and American television.


So lovely. These are pictures mainly of Notre Dame. And doors. They have such lovely doors there. I'll post for every day I was there as well as my fashion stalking photos.