Thursday, July 27, 2017

Whoa What Year Is It?

Hello, nobody reads this blog but I still felt the urge to update it for reasons unknown. It is weird to look at the last posts I did. I feel like it was ages ago. I feel like I used to have sort of a cute aesthetic going on and now i'm like whatever. I want to be cute again!!!! Lately I have not been feeling myself. But then I'm like lately...... and I don't know when lately began. Who knows. I have been writing lots of songs, some stick and some don't. I want to start posting them and just letting things go out into the universe, ya know. I have been using excuses for a while as to why i have been holding them hostage, because they aren't perfect and because they aren't like professional. But you have to start somewhere. I don't know. What am i doing.
I am 22. I don't know who I am.

I started to update my about me section and then i was like.... its sort of a cute time capsule into who i was when i wrote it... so maybe I'll change it but maybe not.