Monday, August 29, 2011

Think we kissed but I forgot

Today was my first day of school, i hated it. BUT i loved my outfit.

The dress is from Macy's, the socks are from American Apparel and the the shoes are from DSW

First day, the only good day of school.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beverly Hills, that's where i wanna be. yeah.

Last one, I promise.

See? It's proof i was there.

I thought this was the most adorablest house ever so I made my mother drive by slowly so i could take a picture. I tried not to be creepy about it.

Lette, macaroon shop. They are delicious, by the way

Here they are, and here is me awkwardly smiling..

I was really bored, and attempting to take a picture of myself in the mirror without the camera showing. this is the best i could do

 My mother's birthday. Nevermind the trash and gross carpet. hahah.. ehhh.

Goodnights my lovelies, Xoxo

Getty Perry day

I've been waiting for a week to use this title. Because i'm the coolest kid on the block. Not really. ANYWAYS. you saw the Perry part, so here is the Getty!

I like to take pictures of my hands. and my sparkly jewelry. 

Look  how deep in thought i am. not really, i was posing.

I just realized i have a bunch of other pictures... sooooooooooo. another post! :)

Last Friday Night

Sorry it has taken me almost a week to update my blog, Here is the Katy Perry concert...
Also please note that we got free tickets since my mother works for Nokia and it was at the Nokia theater, so we had fancy rich person box seats, so the pictures aren't that fantastically great.

There is meat hanging from the ceiling. Fake of course.

Circle the Drain, this goes along with that red crazy one somewhere above, but I couldn't get these to go in the order I wanted.

Katy on her cotton candy cloud playing Thinking of You, i rather enjoyed this

What? Rebecca Black. why, yes indeed it is.

Katyoke... Karaoke. get it. hahah. 

what what! it was super fun, except for the drunken man next to me. She was good in concert, and i had much fun... Xoxo

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'd trade in all my years to spend with you a single hour as long as you'll spend it with me

Perhaps the most exciting thing about going back to school

I LOVE IT. i can't contain my love for it. 

my crackle nail polish, it took me four attempts to figure out how to use it, i kept thinking i should just use a little,but you need to use a lot.

Anywho, it's rather hot, at least where I live. I'm off to buy a birthday present for my mom, her birthday is next Monday, and she told me exactly what she wants, which makes it easy (no pudge brownies and tootsie pop headphones)

Xoxo my lovelies

Oh, darling don't you ever grow up

 This is my cousin Sally, who is pregnant, in case you couldn't see in the photo, on Sunday I attended her baby shower, and the clothes she is holding up is what we bought for her baby boy, Eli. We (my mother and i) thought the shirt kind of reminded us of my Tata.

This is the card I made for her, it actually goes the other way, so that they are Z's but I didn't feel like fixing it.