Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More comiconnnnn

More comicon, my dearies!

Mr. Toast fan club

Adorable buttons that I bought from this girl who was very nice

Cheesecake ring! 

Hitler! Just kidding. It's edgar allan poe, whose pretty creepy but not as much as hitler.


Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey. SOoooooOoOOO. sorry. Anyways, so I went to Comicon, and it was pretty awesome here are some pictures from it. I saw Hurley, from lost and the cast of Fringe (minus Joshua Jackson, sadly) and ohmygosh, I saw Chad Michael Murray and I nearly died but the line was way too long so, no picture. But he was coooool.

Sorry it's blurry, but these are like exact replicas of the Harry Potter costume.

Thats my mother kissing Spiderman

I loved Comicon, it was so much fun. I'll take pictures of what I bought in my supporting female artists, its pretty cuul stuff. Anywho, I'll see ya later, my lovelies

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Please don't be in love with someone else

This was from a few days ago, before I went to the night time zoo with my mother and grandma.

Okay, I can't even describe my love for this picture, I had braided my hair so it was all wavy and beautiful, and its in sepia and you can see my flower lights and i love it so.

I got that butterfly when I was at the fairy festival. My hair looks pretty I think.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm gonna run right to to the edge with you

Hello my lovelies, i'm in a bad mood at the current moment, for reasons I will not rant to you.

Anywho (i recently found out anywho is actually any who but i will still type it anywho) anywho. again. Last night I tried marbeling my nails, although I don't really follow instructions well, I just tend to go for it and do it myself. And this is how it turned out.
What you do is you get a cup of water and fill it like 90% so it's pretty filled but not like over flowing and then you drip nail polish into it. and let me just say it's freaking awesome how nail polish responds to water. 
And then you just put your finger into it, if you try it, you'll see how it works. but if you wait too long, it starts to dry and then its a no go

Camelia, is that safety pins in your hair?
Yes. Yes, those are.

I particularly like this picture. 

Hello, Nancy Drew. Nancy drew? yes my bikes name is nancy drew.

Camelia, sometimes you put the captions above and sometimes below, whats up with that? Excuse me, I can do as I please.


Monday, July 11, 2011

The sun drops into the water

This is my third post of the day. Oh my. On the last post I discovered the option of adding a caption to photos, i'm so handy with technology.

Since this i have actually cut my bangs different, I will perhaps post a picture soon, or so. I suppose i should go do chores. Okay.

Tell me what you want girl I'll be there to hold you

This dress is nice when it's hot, which it has been. Very Very hot. 

PS. At the moment I am watching Say yes to the dress: Bridesmaids edition, and it's a little ridiculous. I honestly think that you should wear what the bride wants you to wear, its her wedding, sure you will be wearing it, but its still her wedding. and when you have a wedding you can force people to wear whatever you want. But for now it is her wedding, don't you want her to be happy?
Although this bride is a little. uhm. dumb. so, i don't really know who to root for. 

Seasons come and go but i will never change

I got this skirt for 7 bucks at Old Navy, it was 75% off. And my Pocahontas shirt that I got for my birthday. 
I feel like I have more to write, but at the moment I can't think of anything and my computers being a loser.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When the lights go out we'll be safe and sound

Hello Lovelies. I have been spending my summer with my water colours, some crayons I found and a full pack of crayola markers. Accompanied by an excessive amount of Jerseylicious, one of my favorite shows.

This last one is one of my favoritests. Although I am sad because my 4th of July girl's eye got smudged when I dropped water on it. 
Anywho. I should go to chores now I would suppose. Ugh.


Monday, July 4, 2011

So put your hands up if you like me, then say you like me

Happy 4th of July! 
I celebrated by going to the pool and getting a tan.

My lovely one shoulder bathingsuit

My patriotic attire

I hope you all have a lovely day. I promise I will update more often now.