Friday, February 28, 2014

Tout Va Bien

it's raiiiianinaining! which means nobody goes to class, people drive like maniacs, and everyone basically freaks the frick out and doesn't know what to do. I pulled this cute lil outfit together and was feeling good about myself until I took one step outside and my skirt blew up and my umbrella flipped like it does in the movies and you think that wouldn't really happen but it doesn't and then you almost blow away. But i got to break out my coat and rain boots that I don't get to wear that often in San Diego weather.

Please enjoy these endless bathroom mirror selfies, i'm sorry i can't help myself when there is a full length mirror! That is a magical event that needs to be taken advantage of. Plus there was a lil festive mirror over the sink. Mirrors are great. They are a blogger's best friend, well one who doesn't have the luxury of having someone else to photograph them/ a tripod.

ps. happy 200th post!