Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend purchases// Ready for Spring

Spring is my favorite season. Main reason is that it's my birthday season. Second reason, "It's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket." I'm going to be on spring break next week and i'm so so ready. After spring break it's going to be smooth sailing, and by that I mean hectic craziness of all of my projects and essays being due on the same day and 2 melt downs an hour. 


Here are my weekend purchases: Gap Jeans (marked down $40), Urban Outfitters fringe purse (marked down $20), Not Your Mother's Long and Strong Conditioner (smells like candy and was only $8 to begin with), and One More Thing by BJ Novak (a collection of short stories that i am in love with and it was 20% off).

I've been searching forever for the perfect boyfriend jeans. and fringe purse. I am so serious. It's fate and they were on sale which only proves the fate of our love even more. I used to have a fringe purse and it was like the first purse i ever really had and used and i used it to shreds and it was just my soulmate purse, so i'm really stoked i found this one it's similar (and maybe even a little cooler) I just loooooooove the fringe ITS SO LONG like i'm a badass lady that you shouldn't mess with. 

I feel like this purse makes me the person i am supposed to be.

Ok I should be writing the outline for my speech for my Comm class but i'm not feeling it. It's only due tomorrow HAHAHAHAHAHAUHHHG. Ugh ok i need to go before i completely lose all interest in speech writing oh wait hahahahahaha. i can't stop.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Look at my cute lil Voxbox, in it I received the #MoistureRenew Rimmel London lipstick color, As You Want Victoria. I am no stranger to lipsticks, I own about 20 not including lipglosses and pencils etc. so i am stoooooooked to get new ones, it's definitely my favorite type of makeup.

First thoughts: Holy crap, this lipstick feels like i'm rubbing lotion on my lips its so soft. One of my problems with cheaper lipsticks are they dry out your lips and then they start to peel and it's gross and problematic. This lipstick is literally so soft, wow i just can't even believe it. Literally the pigmentation is so intense and gorgeous I am impressed. Even hours later it is still smooth and hydrating and has not dried my lips out one bit.The texture is smooth and it looks great on.

Basically this is the coolest, free makeup? heck yeah. I recommend signing up for Influenster definitely, it's super fun and you get free stuff.

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes*