Thursday, January 23, 2014

lil red mermaid hood

|dress - F21|sweater-gap|booties-Steve Madden|hair- Manic Panic/Rock n Roll Red|

I LOVE THAT LAST PICTURE. wOW. I can't stop singing Honeymoon Avenue by Ariana grande but she has a voice like butter with a range that reaches the moon so my neighbors probably think there is a cat in heat nearby. So I dyed my hair red hence the title. Maybe that's why I'm channeling Ariana Grande. 

I love having my hair red, I mean I love pink I think it'll always be my favorite hair but this was a fun change and feels a little bit more wild instead of the usual girliness I embrace. I've lost every single ounce of my summer tan, geez louise i am looking like Snow White. It also doesn't help that I took these photos at noon, with the sun all up in my business, but I still like the way they turned out.

So I've started Spring Semester of my freshman year of college, and I have never been more ready for summer break in my life... What? It's only been two days? Uh oh. But I think my classes will be ok this semester or maybe horrible, it's hard to tell because teachers may be hiding their inner craziness only to pull it out during midterms and fail you.

Anyways I'm digging this hair, I hope I can get back in the groove of school. Wow hello did we just transport to the 70's when I am pretending those words were relevant. Is that Shaggy of Scooby Doo??! Most hippiest hippie i know.

I need to go before this gets any weirder. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nice Lighting// New Boots

|Skirt- dElia's| Shirt- Gap| Booties- Steve Madden| Ring- Francesca's Collection| Hoops- Madewell|

I'm still enjoying Winter Break, but also I'm just really tired all the time so I have to force myself to do things or I sit and read Pretty Little Liars theories online all day.

I'm totally in love with these photos, all the shadows and the lighting is great, which makes up for the awkwardness I had to endure while trying to find somewhere to take them via timer. Nothing is worse than someone coming up right as the timer is about to go off and you have to awkwardly hurry away and look super suspicious and dumb.

I'm sad the holiday season is over. Also confused because it's like 85 degrees here. Geez louise.

Now excuse me while I window shop online and try to soak up the last free time I have before May.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014???!?!?!?! year i meet harry styles pls

wow i can't stop thinking about Harry Styles, but to be fair i just watched a bunch of videos from when i saw them in concert. Which is something I did this year. Which leads me to.....

Some things i did this year: gradnite, prom, graduation, met blake anderson & Ben schwartz, saw one direction, the who, ed sheeran & taylor swift in concert. started college and finished my first semester, got a new kitty, and overall i am much cooler than before.

I also turned the big ol' one-eight, which was the most anti-climatic thing, this year was generally a lot of people telling me that things were gonna change and become adult-y and I am still the dweeb I've always been, maybe a little bit better. I could be president of the US of A and in between v important meetings I'd play Animal Crossing and wear socks with cats on them. Age is nothing and really is stressed too much, when really we should all just focus on becoming ourselves more I think. 

some general things or resolutions or revolutions this year and always: be great, music/art, read, self control, patience, drink water, feel good more feel bad less, help others, don't give in to negativity, love myself, be around people who make me feel nice, be more sparkly, be kind, be adventurous, be brave.

I think everyone just needs to love themselves and be more kind to everyone else