Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby, you're my rocky road, my mint chocolate chip and more

You know what color I'm absolutely in love with at the moment? 
This one. Mint green.

I love love love it. I want to paint my nails with it and ride a vespa the color of it and just eat candy the color of it.

I also decided I want my bike that i will one day own to be that color

Tomorrow I plan on wearing the skirt that I made, it's pretty exciting although I fear it'll fall apart even though that's highly unlikely. I'm excited because that means I get to start a new project soon. I'm hoping on making some jewelry or maybe some tshirts for my band. Haha.

Ps. Thanks for following me Pretty in the Desert :)

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  1. Mint green is one of my favorite colours as well!!And this my dream bike exactly!Vespa with such a colour= BIG LOOVE! <3
    Also thanx for your sweet post sweety!we ll be in touch


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