Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm gonna run right to to the edge with you

Hello my lovelies, i'm in a bad mood at the current moment, for reasons I will not rant to you.

Anywho (i recently found out anywho is actually any who but i will still type it anywho) anywho. again. Last night I tried marbeling my nails, although I don't really follow instructions well, I just tend to go for it and do it myself. And this is how it turned out.
What you do is you get a cup of water and fill it like 90% so it's pretty filled but not like over flowing and then you drip nail polish into it. and let me just say it's freaking awesome how nail polish responds to water. 
And then you just put your finger into it, if you try it, you'll see how it works. but if you wait too long, it starts to dry and then its a no go

Camelia, is that safety pins in your hair?
Yes. Yes, those are.

I particularly like this picture. 

Hello, Nancy Drew. Nancy drew? yes my bikes name is nancy drew.

Camelia, sometimes you put the captions above and sometimes below, whats up with that? Excuse me, I can do as I please.


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