Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last Friday Night

Sorry it has taken me almost a week to update my blog, Here is the Katy Perry concert...
Also please note that we got free tickets since my mother works for Nokia and it was at the Nokia theater, so we had fancy rich person box seats, so the pictures aren't that fantastically great.

There is meat hanging from the ceiling. Fake of course.

Circle the Drain, this goes along with that red crazy one somewhere above, but I couldn't get these to go in the order I wanted.

Katy on her cotton candy cloud playing Thinking of You, i rather enjoyed this

What? Rebecca Black. why, yes indeed it is.

Katyoke... Karaoke. get it. hahah. 

what what! it was super fun, except for the drunken man next to me. She was good in concert, and i had much fun... Xoxo

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