Sunday, February 19, 2012

She lives at night and sleeps all day

My mother, grandma and I went to the Natural History Museum and saw some boring 3d movie, and then we saw an awesome Titanic exhibit with real artifacts from the boat. It's pretty cool. 

Here's my mother and my boarding pass to the Titanic, and at the end you could check to see if your character lived or not. Of course mine didn't. But my mother's and grandmother's did. It's crazy how many people didn't live... It's so sad, especially reading stories of the people who were on the ship, a lot of them ended up there because of the miners strike. 

Also when we were waiting to buy drinks at the concession stands the man closed down the line behind us because there was apparently gonna be a wedding. Here are some shots of the space, and the bride actually walked through, she looked really pretty and her gown was gorgeous.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

PS. If you'd like to leave your url that's totally fine, but please don't ask me repeatedly to follow you. I WILL check out your blog if you comment, i read all comments and visit all those blogs and if I like your blog I'll follow back, I generally don't follow for follow at all, I find it pointless. I'd rather have less people who actually read my blog and care than just a bunch of people who don't.


  1. i'm a sucker for deserts and i haven't tried Chocolate peanut butter pie yet.. =)

  2. Thank you for the comment on my post, I love your blog, followed!
    P.S love you gold toms!

  3. OMG that Titanic thing is awesome!

  4. your blog is very lovely.

  5. Beautiful ring! And that pie looks amazing x

  6. no way I went to that Titantic exhibit on that very day...only not really but my brother went (remember him?) and I was imaginarily there


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