Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We will find a way through the dark

Today I had my last official class in which I completed my self portrait, as seen above. Tomorrow I have a presentation on women's reproductive rights in Argentina, and on Monday I will present my self portrait. But besides that, I am done. I am done with my first semester of college. I am extremely proud of my self portrait, it really progressed from when I started and it looks far better than anything I thought I could accomplish, at the same time I know its not perfect, but it was also my first attempt.Overall I'm really proud of myself in general. In life. I'm glad to be having a break, because I truly need it, but at the same time I'm bummed to switch classes because I like the ones I have so much. I'm also not interested in taking my general education, which is a problem. But I will do it. Because it's literally forced.

But I finally feel like I can sit down and breathe.
And get excited for Christmas. Finally.
Where's my Christmas tree?

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