Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend purchases// Ready for Spring

Spring is my favorite season. Main reason is that it's my birthday season. Second reason, "It's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket." I'm going to be on spring break next week and i'm so so ready. After spring break it's going to be smooth sailing, and by that I mean hectic craziness of all of my projects and essays being due on the same day and 2 melt downs an hour. 


Here are my weekend purchases: Gap Jeans (marked down $40), Urban Outfitters fringe purse (marked down $20), Not Your Mother's Long and Strong Conditioner (smells like candy and was only $8 to begin with), and One More Thing by BJ Novak (a collection of short stories that i am in love with and it was 20% off).

I've been searching forever for the perfect boyfriend jeans. and fringe purse. I am so serious. It's fate and they were on sale which only proves the fate of our love even more. I used to have a fringe purse and it was like the first purse i ever really had and used and i used it to shreds and it was just my soulmate purse, so i'm really stoked i found this one it's similar (and maybe even a little cooler) I just loooooooove the fringe ITS SO LONG like i'm a badass lady that you shouldn't mess with. 

I feel like this purse makes me the person i am supposed to be.

Ok I should be writing the outline for my speech for my Comm class but i'm not feeling it. It's only due tomorrow HAHAHAHAHAHAUHHHG. Ugh ok i need to go before i completely lose all interest in speech writing oh wait hahahahahaha. i can't stop.

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