Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm on the edge of glory with you

Lately, I have taken an interest in cutting all my hair off, as in cutting it like a boy, but at the moment I'm growing it out, and it's finally getting pretty long and if i cut it, i will probably not ever update it and it will end up having to go through this awkward phase. But at the same time, sometimes I think you need to do things that aren't necessarily in your comfort zone. I love my hair, and I love the dyed part but at the same time I would love to try something different.

This is my favorite hair of the cuts, I think it still looks feminine, and it's cute. 

I just really think this is pretty because it's Emma Watson, but i know I really just probably couldn't pull this hairstyle off although I find it pretty

This is probably more so what my hair would look like seeing as i probably need longer bangs

The problem is I pretty much lack a jawline, like michael cera. So I don't really know how I would look with any of these hairstyles but my favorite is Carey Mulligan's. Hmmm...
We'll see...


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