Monday, September 5, 2011

Coco Before Chanel

Yesterday I watched Coco Before Chanel (which was very hard to track down, but i luckily found it at Kensington video, and my mother had a membership from 1994), anywho, i thought the movie was very good and that the actress portrayed Coco well. It seems that Coco was a bit of a floozy, and after her boyfriend married another girl for money she stayed on as his mistress. She seemed to have some life problems even though she had lots of talent. But she was also a feminist which I could appreciate, she helped create outfits where women didn't have to wear corsets. I enjoyed the movie, and now I plan on watching the one where Coco is older in hopes of seeing more about her transition into fashion and what happened after that. Also the actress is rather beautiful. I thought it was a good movie, but its in French, so if your French is a little rusty and you don't like reading subtitles, i wouldn't recommend watching it.



  1. Yes! I totally got that floozy vibe, too! But it was still sad at the end :(

  2. I agree, it was sad, it made me cry a little bit. But it seemed to help her transformation into fashion.


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