Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pink hair in Paris - day 1

Hello lovelies, I am indeed back, Paris was incredible. It's so unbelievable, I feel like if I say that I was in Paris out loud, people will look at me like I'm crazy. I'm super jet laggy right now, I got back Monday night. The travelling part is what was really the worst, because when we were travelling there, we got up 5 am, Tuesday and didn't sleep until 10 pm, Paris time on Wednesday. I also felt really awful the first day, my body hurt and I missed my mom so much. I also missed clean air and American television.


So lovely. These are pictures mainly of Notre Dame. And doors. They have such lovely doors there. I'll post for every day I was there as well as my fashion stalking photos. 



  1. love these photos :) i would like you to check out my blog...maybe follow? :)x

  2. so happy that you had a wonderful time! I am so jealous and can't wait to see all the pictures :)

  3. Paris is just SO dreamy! These pictures are awesome! And those cherry blossoms look so beautiful!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  4. Lovely pics! I miss traveling!

    Thanks so much for your comment, check out my new post if you like : )


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