Sunday, March 18, 2012

With every single dollar, I'll be sure to buy you flowers

Hello Lovely ladies,
This is a weekend recap once again. I'm so very excited to go to Paris, only one more day! I won't be posting then for a week, but I'll post once more tomorrow before I go. Also I have 50 followers! I'm so very very excited.
Anywho, on Friday my friend Elizabeth came over and it was nice and then on Saturday we went to the St. Patrick's day parade, and it was rainy and then we went out to breakfast at the mission and to forever21.
This is gonna be a lot of photos. So be prepared. I know, it gets boring and clogs up my front page, but it was a lovely day for photo taking.

I finally got around to giving elizabeth her christmas present, it's a little ridiculously late but oh well. I got her a box of vintage Anthropologie recipe books, as well as knitting her a bracelet.

We went out to breakfast at The Mission, a seriously delicious restaurant. Their bacon is insanely good.
And happy St. Patrick's day! Only a day late.

I will post again tomorrow, I'm so excited for my trip.


  1. Lovely post dear :X

  2. I hope you have a marvelous time in Paris. I do love Paris so much!! Enjoy and have so much fun :))) xx

  3. haha looks like you had a fun st patty's day!

  4. there are still some people who i haven't exchanged gifts with, haha.
    A trip to Paris sounds like a dream - i hope you have the most amazing time!
    Chic on the Cheap

  5. thx for ur sweet comment in my blog. I love ur painted nails. and the foods seem so delicious. :)
    btw, I have followed u. mind to follow me back? I will be so glad. :D

  6. Paris! I'm so jealous. Please post lots of photos!

    You guys look like you had a blast regardless of the weather. I'm loving both your nails!

    Have a fun yet safe trip!


    P.S Thanks for the comment, I shall become #53 on the followers list :)

  7. Have so much fun in Paris darling! I'm jealous! Have a blasty! Thanks for your comment on my blog!


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