Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pink hair in Paris - day 5

one of my favorite photos


Last Day from Paris, I still have a Paris fashion post, but then I'll be done, I know! It's only 2 months late, hahaha. I miss Paris so much, it was incredible, its still hard to believe that I was there. Its hard to believe that it's over too. 

I have a slight obsession with chandeliers.

We saw some of the Mass at Notre Dame on accident, we went to see the Crown of Thorns (my friends wanted to see it, but I have some serious doubts, not that I don't believe in Jesus, I do, but come on).
Anyways, the mass was pretty mystical.

The Eiffel Tower was just magnificent. This was our free day, but everything was closed! They didn't tell us nothing would be open on Sunday! But if I had known I wouldn't have waited to buy everything on Sunday. Oh well, we found a few places open, like a little jewelry shop.

We went to a Greek place, all the guys that worked there were creepy perverts. 
Oh yes, we found this lovely street fair, and it was so cool and antique-y. I love street fairs in America, so obviously I'd love them in Paris. 


Plus I looked super pretty.


  1. OMG so fun!!!! I love these pictures. And yeah, you did look pretty:) Love the hair!

  2. paris is a fantastic city,hope you had fun :)


  3. Thanks for these photos of Paris. I will have to visit the crown of thorns when I am there on honeymoon this summer!

  4. Omg this is erica btw :) so omg they hav a modern french version of harold and maude :)x1000000003


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