Thursday, July 12, 2012

I want u back want u back want want u want u back UHHHH

 Another cat/new moccasins post. I got this cute new outfit from Target, my mother thought it would look good on me, and I thought it would look cute with the moccasins and matching socks. hehe. And I like this denim shirt I stole from my dad. It's nice because it's not as heavy as a denim jacket but it still provides warmth and its long so its good if I'm wearing a short skirt. Which is 80% of the time.

I'm excited because I'm going to Comicon (Comic-con if you want to be exact) tomorrow and saturday! Weee! People I want to see :

Walter from Fringe/ Leland from LA Noir/John Noble (in real life)

although he's a bit younger here

Blake Anderson from Workaholics/my boyfriend/I wish


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