Monday, September 10, 2012

Blow me (one last kiss)

This skirt is just full of holes. 
"Hmmmm... it feels like my butt is directly on the seat, but it must just be that the material is thin, I sewed up all the holes from before, so its okay." - my thoughts in class
I didn't realize it, but because of the material, the skirt just slipped through the stitches so yes, my butt was directly against the seat (yes i was wearing underwear, but lets be real, your butt touches the seat). I like this set of photos, I haven't taken pictures like this in a while, so its nice, sometimes I just want to be an outfit blog and not a lifestyle, but sometimes I just want to be lifestyle. Whatever that means.

Anyways, I actually really like this outfit, too bad the skirt is an asshole.

Tied shirt - Old Navy dress cut into shirt
Denim shirt - Levi's
Skirt - Forever 21 +
Shoes - Minnetonka
Fox necklace - Francesca's Collections
Hair dye - Manic Panic Voodoo Blue


  1. such a lovely outfit! i love the leopard print, you look amazing :) XO

  2. Cute moccasins and necklace! Interesting story, too! I hate it when you find holes or spare strings when you're somewhere you can't fix it!


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