Tuesday, September 3, 2013


ok, those pig cupcakes are cute, right? but don't they totally remind you of that episode of Pretty Little Liars where Hanna had to eat all those cupcakes to get her money back????? yeah. 

Okay, so yesterday I went to Los Angeles and saw Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show being filmed! Sadly we had to leave our phones in the car, so i don't have any photos to commemorate this sadly. But it was great, Craig was so so hilarious (but seriously the warm-up "comedian" is literally my least favorite person). Overall it was a super cool experience, and i would definitely do it again 10/10 recommend.
And CBS studios is next door to one of my favorite places in Los Angeles, the Grove.
oh and on the ride home we saw Disneyland's fireworks! it was hella magical.
ok can we for a sec talk about how amazing steak is. because i had never ordered steak before, it was so fancy, like expensive steak, it had butter on it! whaaa? and the french fries were fantastic. oh wow, it was like the best meal i've ever eaten. Morels French Steakhouse. Ahhh yes, reminiscing with steak memories.

Another nice thing about the Grove, is it has the closest TopShop.

and of course, good ol' Forever21
 (it was a tough choice between back to the future, Cars and Lion King)


  1. omg amazing photos! beautiful places!
    your new items are awesome!

    ANECIA ♥ aneciawashere.blogspot.com

  2. looks like an amazing time! love all the socks you got. also, thanking for taking the time to visit and for the follow. followed you back and looking forward to your updates :)

    x http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  3. amazing socks! :)


  4. Awee those are such cute socks! And I really beautiful photos! Nice! :)


  5. ah, i love sprinkles cupcakes! your time here looks wonderful, i love all of the socks!

    lindsey louise



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