Sunday, October 13, 2013


so i had a really shitty morning. Feeling overall sad and unimportant due to the inconsiderate actions of others. But then I went to an Art Walk in Little Italy with my mom and it was pleasant and i won a OneDirection t-shirt it was the most beautiful moment of my life, I don't even know, the bad juju from my morning turned itself into pleasant happiness in the form of hot british boys that I can wear on my body. That's a weird way to phrase it, but you get my point. (they had a regal cinemas stand at the walk, and you spun a wheel for various prizes)

wow, look at this beautiful shirt I won

I really like going to the Art Walk, people reserve these spaces and do these beautiful chalk drawings and all the restaurants have tasters and there's jewelry and it's great.

Leonardo DiCaprio, so dreamy.

Oh, also, my first picture, the Tea one, I posted it on my instagram, and this girl I don't know liked it, so I went to her page, and she reposted it as her own. So i'm kind of pissed off but overall happy because that means my photo was cool and worthy of stealing. It's literally exactly the same, like really you're gonna tell me you took a photo the same angle and then added the same light effect to the side of it, alright. But what I am curious about, is uh, why did you like it??? I never would've found her account if she hadn't liked my photo. I just don't understand people. 
She's a pretty terrible thief. 


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Following you now and so excited to see posts to come!


  2. definitely a terrible thief! that sounds like a fun weekend...the art walk sounds great, and winning a t-shirt is always cool!

  3. That's pretty creepy that someone stole your photo!! You could try sending her a message maybe? Just say, "Hey, I'm flattered you like my photo enough to use it but would you mind posting a link or credit to me? Thanks!" That's what I'd do anyway. :) And thank you again for the nice comments on my blog. Sorry you've been tired - coffee definitely helps!

    On the Daily Express

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog girlie! That's amazing that you won a free tee! And try not to worry too much about that girl. She obviously thought your picture was amazing!!!


  5. Besides people and things and days being poopy, you look rather lovely.

  6. Sorry your day started off so horribly! I don't understand why people steal pictures! Everyone is going to find out. If you like something and want to repost it, go for it! Just give credit where credit is due :)

  7. stay strong and you made a great post. Can we follow each other? Let me know
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  8. Feel better <3 Great photos! Love your blog!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? :)
    Would you also like to follow each other on FB?

  9. Great post! Hope today is going better then yesterday!


  10. So artistic, i like these alot :)
    <3 Sarah
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  11. Very random photo thief! Hmm. But I do love your photos very much and awesome about the free tee!

  12. So glad to hear that your day turned much better! That's such an awesome tee shirt:)


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