Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. It's just SO Addictive. The ootds, DIYS, recipes oh my!
And because I'm lazy and look like a greasy plate that used to have Domino's Pizza on it, unfit for any OOTD pictures, I am going to do a Pinterest inspiration post. I am currently streaming Prism of Queen Katy and having a dance party on my couch with my cat. as much of a dance party you can have while sitting down, which for me is still pretty dance-y.

Some of my recent pins

Anyways, get your booty on down to if you know what's good for you. wow, did i just threaten you? Even if you don't follow me (honestly, why wouldn't you i have an amazing pinterest) you should atleast check it out, due to the amazing things you didn't even know you needed to know.

From funny illustrations about your favorite show, recipes that sound like you might get diabetes in every delicious bite, clothes so gorgeous and beaded and you wonder how they sit down, novelty items, amaaaaaazing holiday ideas seriously amazing, fun little extras, beautiful beauty ideas. 

Wow, this sounds like an ad for pinterest, but i just genuinely love it so much.

This post took so long, I'm no longer listening to Prism, i'm now streaming 20/20 vision pt 2. Love me some JT.

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