Monday, December 15, 2014


A few nights ago my mother and I went shopping separately at the same mall because we both needed to buy things but didn't have time to both go alone. I accidentally bought myself quite a few things, including this dress from Gap which was 40% off of an already marked price (it was originally 69 and I got it for 29) I also bought myself a NARS lipstick in Fire Down Below which is blood red so it is universally flattering and its such a nice color. I felt I was allowed to splurge because 
A. I got a $15 off of $50 coupon from Sephora and 
B. I have recently lost my mind and needed to treat myself because I deserve it.

Yesterday i got a haircut, I'm very excited about it, and I got an undercut which is very exciting and makes me feel at least 40% more badass than before and my hair is super shiny and bouncy today. Also Rosamund Pike has an undercut and I am channeling Amazing Amy with her list making right now. I have one more final to go, three work shifts (15 hours, ugh) and then I am freeeeeeeee yes I cannot wait.

This Christmas break will hopefully be filled with: 
  1. Red Velvet Hot Cocoa from Coffee Bean
  2. Creating healthy routines for myself
  3. Making lots of art, playing lots of guitar and singing everyday
  4. Exercising and treating myself kindly
  5. Getting my room cute and clean
  6. Updating my blog more frequently!!!

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