Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Today it is Raining

 Like Real People Do - Hozier

Anobrain - The 1975

Spaces - One Direction

I am nearing the end of the fall semester, I am both happy and sad, I think that's how it always is. Some classes I will miss and some I wish I could wipe from my memory and probably I won't remember them anyways because I have blacked out from stress. I am at a low point currently, this semester was a struggle, personally and academically. I will be glad when it's over, but that's also a problem because I have become victim to the mentality of "once X happens, everything will be better." It turns out that is not the case, you can't wait for things to change, because if you have a shitty mentality and/or deeper problems, it won't matter, even if they do. It's just a lazy excuse for being stubborn, and in denial of your situation. Not to say that X thing happening can't make things easier, or help you, but they won't make you better, or save your life. Like, "if I could just hit Zayn's high notes in Steal My Girl I would be cured of depression," it won't do that but I would still like to hit those notes. 
But honestly, I have this idea, that if only I had more time, I would be able to get my life in order, get my room clean, eat better, exercise, blog more, but in reality there are days I can't move off of the couch without it being a great effort because I feel like I am trapped in a block of cement. Time would be great, but that doesn't mean I would use this time, I have bigger issues going on, and sometimes I like to blame outside factors for my inability to accomplish things.
2014 was not the best year for me but at the same time it was a great year, Benedict Cumberbatch teased me, Kevin Bacon made eye contact with me and smiled at me, I have made good steps and progress musically, I went to Coachella and Comicon, I went to the LACMA, I saw Paul McCartney and Katy Perry in concert. I did other stuff, I can't really remember January - March at this moment, it's like a blank spot so that's cool. 
Anyways, I have no point, besides that I have an amazing ability ramble intensely and it's raining and I'm wearing a dress because I am more hard core than anyone.

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