Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy birthday to my momma

Happy birthday to my mother! (on the 8th, I'm just a little behind)

For breakfast we went to The Mission, which we also went to on her birthday last year and on St. Patrick's day. Then we went to the Hillcrest Theatre and saw The Queen of Versailles. For dinner we went to the Melting Pot which was delicious, also there was a really cute waiter there that brought us water like every 3 minutes. Anyways, I spent pretty much the whole week with her, and it was so fun, my mom and I always have fun together. Also the Melting Pot was insanely delicious, we had a 3 course dinner and then an amazing dessert.

So basically, she is married to this old rich guy and they are going to build the biggest house in America, but this is all before the economy is shit, so that causes problems. He would've been able to build it too because he owned the land, but he took out a mortgage before it was even done, because he was greedy. He was rich because he did opened timeshare resorts (which I think are dumb, but apparently people do it). Anyways, it's good and I liked it. Also you might think she's dumb but she's really not, she went to college and became (I think) an engineer.

Anyways, it was cool, and I'm happy to finally be actually posting again. I'm going to be starting school on Monday (yuck) so I'll post about my new school stuff. 

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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