Monday, August 19, 2013

Ya gurl is a scholar

Ahh yes, the sweet satisfaction of buying new school supplies. Having clean pages of notebooks, pens with full ink sockets, unscuffed shoes.

School is starting again.

But this year is a bit different for me, I'm transitioning from a child to a slightly less child, perhaps a young adult, one might say. Although I like to disconnect myself from the word adult, the whole young part makes it a little less harsh. 

I'm going to college.

And I'm excited. 

I think this is going to be a really big time for me, although isnt everything a really big time? I like to hope no matter what I am entering the most exciting, best time of my life. 

I hope to put more into my blog, and make it a nice space for myself. A personal space that I can also share with others. 

I've been feeling very fashion-ally inspired, probably based on the ridiculous amount of new clothes I've gathered and the excessive episodes of Pretty Little Liars I've viewed in the past 72 hours. (Netflix instaview will be the death of me, or more so my studying habits and sleeping schedule) 

I hope that I can enjoy this time, and stop being so scared, scared to be alone, and let myself enjoy the times with myself. Scared to speak up, and instead say what I want and when I want it in order to do what's best for me. Scared to fail, instead try and do what I want, and not let my anxieties hinder me.

So occasionally I may or may not post about college and how I feel and such. Hopefully it'll be somewhat interesting and perhaps helpful to fellow students or maybe just a general nice thing for myself.

But, in case this year takes me by storm, as last year did as well. Feel free to follow me on twitter, tumblr and instagram by the username @camxies. I update these a bit more frequently. 
(I now have both a personal and fashion based tumblr, because I totally needed another distraction)


  1. woooo congrats on college! love your blog layout btw!
    Just followed you on bloglovin' so hopefully you can follow back if you like my blog so that we can be following each other?
    x x x x

  2. You are so lovely. Looking great :)

    Check out my new post:
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