Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We Danced All Night to the BEST SONG EVER

omg. i will never get over Harry Styles now.

Wow gotta save my money and get front row tickets next year i'm not about this they-look-like-ants-and-i-can't-tell-them-apart-from-back-here life. Especially because how are they supposed to fall in love with me when i'm way back there?

seriously. but lemme tell you, there was this girl, well okay, so where the concert is, is like the worst bc it's out of the way and it's close to tijuana so i think there were people coming from there for it, plus i mean, it's one direction so ppl go crazy. but anyways, we were twenty minutes away with two hours til the concert and we ended up missing the opening act (5sos) which was lame but whatever because the traffic was so bad plus after you got off the freeway you had to go down this long street to get to the amphitheater. anyways, so i get there and we are going to our section and there's this girl and she's on a stretcher! Like oh my gosh, it hasn't even started yet, like she was like sobbing and stuff and they were taking her to the ambulance, like i've never ever been to a concert with this many ambulances ready. and well, i hope she's okay and yeah, like they hadn't even come out yet, like calm down. like that's so sad if you didn't even get to see them, but also you were in the back, like i understand passing out in the pit, but like people weren't even touching in the back, haha.

anyways, they had an amaaaazing setlist, it was literally so good, and they sang Best Song Ever which was great because I love it, haha. They were so cute and funny but also I don't know if i've ever been to a san diego concert where they HAVEN'T mentioned freaking Anchorman.

Ok, also if the video isn't working, I don't know why it won't play but whatever, you can view it on my instagram, which is located on the sidebar or by searching @camxies

Ugh cute boys. Ugh boys with accents. Ugh boys who can sing. Ugh boys who are funny.



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  1. Ahhh that must've been so exciting!! You're lucky enough to ever been there. I'm so jealous like really, really jealous hahaha


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