Friday, August 30, 2013

Listening to the Jonas Brothers all day errday

Finished my first week of college!

I am taking 4 classes: Rhetoric writing (mandatory), drawing, psychology and women's studies.
I really like all of my teachers and i'm really excited to learn.

I'm still living at home, and commuting via trolley, so that's a change for me. But it makes me feel independent, I can go wherever I want.... Well, wherever is either by walking, bus or trolley. 

This post makes me so very happy.


Although I do hope to become famous for what I do not know, it's still good to be educated
I want to be as much like Emma Watson as I can 

Also made a very important realization this week.
I am cute, pretty, beautiful.
Other girls are as well. Their beauty does not make me any less pretty. Their beauty doesn't affect me. 
Of course I don't look like Cara Delevigne, but why should that mean I'm not pretty?
Nobody else's opinion of me matters as much as my own, and that is in any respect, not just appearance.

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  1. The title of this post is just beautifully perfect. Also, I love that last little paragraph - you are beautiful:) x


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