Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"He got a coke zero AGAIN?! Awe, that roman, incorrigible"

Hello Lovelies, Lemme just say I am completely in love with these photos i think they turned out gorgeous.
Also, that's a quote from Easy A, which I am watching, and I've had Love on Top by Beyonce in my head for the past 8 days, so i couldn't focus long enough to pick a lyric.

My skin looks so white.
This skirt makes a lot of appearances. I love it, the only bad side is it's super staticky, all the time and it gets weird.
Also thats a note to myself to remind me to get the honors forms for Biology and Humanities. Also, i want to get my drivers license. 
And I need to take the SAT, i wanted to take the study hall SAT class but they put me in college time, and i'm not even going on that trip. Ugh. I might switch.
And i need to get my braces off.

PS. My friend (really my mother's friend, but i like her as well) drew this picture of me, and it makes me so very happy in my heart.
You can visit her blog here.


  1. what a gorgeous picture! love your outfit. those 2 shades of blue look great together and your bracelet is gorgeous.

  2. Wow she draws well. I really like that picture. I also love love love that bracelet.


  3. Thanks for posting my drawing in your blog;-) You are my friend too, although you could be the daughter i never had!;-) You are prettier than in my drawing, it was just a representation of a pic your mom took of you in that coffee place French style that i like so much. Been there only once, now feel like going again and do a self-photo shooting hehe.

  4. Wonderful photos, I like them!!! This is such a nice post!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  5. Super cute outfit! And your bracelet is fantastic, love it!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  6. Love your gold ring and the skirts so pretty! x

  7. I love your outfit and your bracelet is lovely xx poppymale.blogspot.com


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