Saturday, January 21, 2012

Your hands are tough but they're where mine belong

Hello lovelies, be prepared for an unusually long post. Today I ate breakfast right before I went to Maureen's so I only had a peanut butter cookie during my break, allotting more time for exploring, and while before I had stayed in one general location I decided to go the other way today. Sorry there's so many plant pictures, I couldn't help myself, they're all so gorgeous.

The things I found lovely today. Bright colored houses, cats who rub against me, cats on cars, flowers, weird beans plants, nice houses with nice plants, weird tiny staircases that lead to nowhere, sepia, flower petals, wearing sundresses in the winter, friendly people, people with cool mustaches.



  1. Love the flower pictures!

  2. That dress looks so pretty and colorful!


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