Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I have been dreadful recently at posting, college sucks the life out of me. Some rad things I've recently done include:
  • start my sophomore year of college (classes: design, italian, art history, world religions and dance)
  • saw Katy Perry* in concert w/ opening act Tegan and Sara at the Anaheim Honda Center (which was a great venue because you could actually see her even from the nosebleed seats)
  • began and ended my first paid real life job (it was a temporary fall rush situation, don't worry i wasn't fired or anything)
  • applied to be a volunteer at a local museum I am officially helping with the King Tut exhibit at one of my local museums!
  • cut all my hair off** (it's the first time i've truly cut all my hair off)

*I didn't want to clog the list but Katy Perry was amazing, i have seen her now twice and i do love her. She puts on an amazing show and really puts her all into it. Concerts are one of my most favorite things in the world. She had "prism vision" which were like those old paper 3D glasses but they took the light and created prisms with it essentially and it was truly magical and transcendent. I may have cried during Firework but ya know, it was a beautiful experience.

** i have no explanation for why i did this except curiosity and the need for change. I'm glad I did it but I can't wait until i can put my hair into a mini lil ponytail. I long to put a stupid hair tie in my hair. Also short hair is boring you can't move it around or flip it or whip people's faces with it which is my favorite pastime.

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