Monday, October 20, 2014

Pixie Handbook - 2 Months In

APRIL - Let's start at the beginning of my hair evolution, starting in April when I decided to cut off a good chunk of beautiful hair. *sheds a tear* 

Here is my hair after I cut it. But then as per usual I think, well I cut it off once, why not again, because as it grew out it had no shape and I wanted a hair cut anyways. "why not just chop it all off? It'll grow back!" IT WILL TAKE YEARS THAT'S WHY

AUGUST 11 - Last photo I took of myself before The Chop w/ my boy George.

AUGUST 17 - I am literally having a panic attack can you see the pain in my eyes. God I hated it so much. I will explain why, I wanted a side parted pixie with a long swoop of hair to the side, this is what I said and illustrated with many pictures of pixies with cheekbone/chin length pieces. I left with this non feminine super short cut that accentuates my large head. I will get to my other problems with it later.

SEPTEMBER 17 - one month in I am sort of able to side part it. It so heavily wanted to go forward for about 6 weeks and had awkward chunks that were too short to do anything with so bobby pins became my best friend. I also vowed not to dye my hair and I lasted 3 weeks.

OCTOBER 18 - It is almost to the length I initially wanted it cut, it is parting to the side nicely (well sort of, right out of the shower it wants to middle part which would be so gross) My hair is growing over my ear, and the funny little short bits infront of my ear can be cutely tucked behind. I like it a lot better now, but still not about it. Also its weird because i am wearing it not the way it was intended so it has strange long pieces in the back.

PROS  - 
Its a life experience?? Here's the thing, people have told me "wow that totally suits you" "Wow so cute!" and i just do not feel it. Maybe it suits me but I want long hair I MISS IT

I MISS MY BANGS, the worst part about having a pixie is i miss my bangs so much.
I get the urge to put my hair in a ponytail which I cannot and its unsatisfying. 
Also it is not that cool, people were like oh i bet your hair was hot, this will be a lot cooler. Nope. 
I have a super huge Ben Affleck head and I feel this accentuates it. 
My hair stuck out weird at first and still does because you have to constantly trim it like once a month to keep it the way you want. 
Also if you sleep on it it gets super weird.
Cannot cover bra straps with your hair, due to no hair.
Nothing to move around, you can't do stellar hair flips while singing to Beyonce, which is a big thing in my life.
No fun styles, its very one note.
I will be 23 when it is the length in the first pictures. TWENTY THREE.

You get the idea, it is my life currently but I like long hair better, I felt very un-pretty the first 3 weeks I had it. My advice is to think about it A LOT before hand. What kind of hair do you have? This will greatly affect the cut, sometimes a cut looks super cute but on your own head it may not turn out how you want. If you like wearing your hair down over your shoulders, i would not advise this cut, it is very hard to get used to not having.

So far I have not gotten my hair trimmed or re-shaped. I'm just trying to get it to grow out as quickly as possible. I can't wait until I get a cute lil bob, I think I will like that.

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