Thursday, October 9, 2014


I am adding three new series to my blog to help keep myself on a loose schedule so that I actually post. I want to post, but it is easy to sweep under the rug and forget about for six months/forever.
Here is what will be going on....

  1. Monthly Wishlist - I already posted one for October, I think this will be fun and easy. It will include clothes, makeup, food, books, movies, etc. Pretty much whatever is on my mind, sort of like an updated pinterest post/moodboard but a bit more specific.
  2. Pixie- This will be a series dedicated to the process of growing out my pixie cut. I've read many, many, many guides and timelines of people growing out their pixies so I figured I would do one as well to provide a realistic timeline for how long it will take you if you chop your hair off. I will also post styling and my routines more frequently, but i will try to show the growth about every 2 months, about every inch. 
  3. Health - The third will be dedicated to my fitness plan as well as mental health. A detailed account of my plans and actions to get healthy. I will include everything I am working on and the plans I have to help myself stay on track.

Along with these I will hopefully start up my OOTDs again because I truly love blogging and I like having it to look back on and see what I was doing and wearing at different times. SO I"m excited to get my blog back to happy town.

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